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Link Ventures
Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.

Link Investment Memos

Investment insights by Link Managing Director, Lisa Dolan

Meet Team Breeze

Breeze appeared on our radar thanks to Link’s proprietary web traffic algorithms and was soon reaffirmed via an introduction by trusted advisor, Jeff Smedsrud, co-Founder and head of healthcare products at

  1. The Category Leader in a Small Trojan Horse Go-to-Market.

What initially stood out to us about Breeze was…

Company culture and togetherness, reintroduced.

One of the questions that we often ask ourselves is, what makes a startup feel like a startup? Specifically, what makes a Link startup feel like a Link startup?

This question was a central element of a recent Link gathering of team members and associates.

Overall, we think we’ve done…

Investment insights from Link Managing Director, Lisa Dolan

When our friends at Redesign Health shared their new venture plans to roll up health-and-wellness native eCommerce brands, we couldn’t wait to speak to their CEO.

Redesign Health was fortunate to find Yadin Shemmer to build and steer the ship for its prized new venture. Yadin has built and run…

Investment insights from Link Managing Director, Lisa Dolan

Based in New York City, Creatively is a professional network for creatives. Think of it as “LinkedIn for the creative world.”

LinkedIn and other job platforms are not built for creatives. …

During a year when everything we thought we knew about workplaces changed, we’re extremely proud to share that Cogo Labs has been awarded “Best Place to Work” honors by Built in Boston.

In any year, at any time, it’s a thrill to win a “Best Place to Work’’ award. Coming…

Mourning Seth Birnbaum, EverQuote Co-founder and CEO

Seth Birnbaum, EverQuote Co-founder and CEO

Those who are familiar with Link Ventures and Cogo Labs know that we strive to foster a people-focused culture. Yes, we depend on our data assets, but their potential can only be fully realized through the minds and hands of inspired — and inspiring — entrepreneurs. …

Autumn in our beloved Boston.

This year’s business challenges have certainly changed the way the world thinks about processes. What was “par for the course” in January of 2020 may never again be viewed as our “normal” (new or otherwise); and what we considered as “thinking outside of the box” back in March is now…

That was one of the questions posed by Dr. Alex Wissner-Gross at our annual Friends of Link Ventures event last month. He spoke about getting to the point of artificial general intelligence — AI that is so advanced that language models can teach us new language models. We’re very close…

Finding ways to make meaning in a complicated year

For the past several years, we have hosted an offsite with portfolio company CEOs and a select group of investors and influencers. …

Venture firm bringing big data to help startups scale

Link Ventures is pleased to announce its newest investment, modern estate planning startup Trust & Will. We are leading the round with participation from existing investors including Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, WTI, Halogen Ventures, Luma Launch, and Techstars Ventures.

We are thrilled to have Trust & Will…

Link Ventures

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