Cogo Labs starts 2021 with another Best Place to Work award

During a year when everything we thought we knew about workplaces changed, we’re extremely proud to share that Cogo Labs has been awarded “Best Place to Work” honors by Built in Boston.

In any year, at any time, it’s a thrill to win a “Best Place to Work’’ award. Coming after one of the most challenging years in modern history, it feels like a particular cause for celebration. A vibrant culture is something we pride ourselves on, and we put a lot of effort into supporting desirable workplaces for the talented teams in the Link ecosystem.

This is the mission statement for Built in Boston, “Our vision is to connect the world through a shared passion for tech and the human need for purpose.”

That sounds a lot like our culture here at Link Ventures and Cogo Labs.

Everything that we accomplish starts with our culture, which leads the way starting on day one. In addition to a thoughtful “usual” benefits package that includes health and wellness, child care/parental leave and retirement options, Cogo has a number of industry-leading diversity and professional development initiatives, including management training, paid industry certifications, a monthly stipend for employees to spend on what matters most to them, and a dedicated diversity and inclusion staff.

During this past year, we’ve focused on keeping our team connected and nurtured, despite all of our interactions taking place in virtual meeting rooms.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that even during the most challenging of times, culture endures.

Many thanks to Built in Boston, and eternal thanks to our colleagues and employees (and our alumni/ae, many of whom made lasting contributions during their time with us).

We’d also like to congratulate Cogo-incubated companies Hopjump (Best Small Companies) and EverQuote (Best Mid-sized Companies) for Best Place to Work honors as well!




Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.

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Link Ventures

Link Ventures

Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.

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