Friends of Link Ventures 2020

Finding ways to make meaning in a complicated year

In this year of WFH, we didn’t get to meet in our usual home in Vermont. We knew that any substantial business travel wouldn’t be an option, however we didn’t want our community to miss out — especially right now — on the energy created, gathered, and stored during this event.

We figured out how to create the safest possible environment in which to inspire each other, and got a little dose of magic earlier this month. Yes, we talked about data and trends and algorithms and opportunities and entrepreneurs because that’s who we are. But we also talked about how to help each other succeed in the most challenging environment we may ever face.

We had a very special guest speaker in MIT and Harvard grad Dr. Alex Wissner-Gross, an award-winning computer scientist, entrepreneur, investor, and author who spoke about what’s next for AI, and how we can stay ahead of that curve.

We’ll take this momentum back with us to our pods, and we’ll look forward to returning to our usual spot next year. But we will remember this gathering as a bright spot in an uncertain time.

We’ll be sharing content and a lot of what we learned in the weeks and months to come, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Sporting and supporting portfolio company, EverQuote.

Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.

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