Autumn in our beloved Boston.

his year’s business challenges have certainly changed the way the world thinks about processes. What was “par for the course” in January of 2020 may never again be viewed as our “normal” (new or otherwise); and what we considered as “thinking outside of the box” back in March is now table stakes. Yet as we all approach the time of year when much of the world celebrates a holiday centered around giving thanks, the members of our Link Ventures team realize that we have ample stores of gratitude worth sharing in these final weeks of 2020.

  • We’re grateful for the amazing entrepreneurs who run our portfolio companies — leaders who drive their businesses to become ten times better than peers in their verticals. Our team relishes the challenge of finding and connecting with still other companies with that 10x factor, to create more opportunities for co-marketing and co-distribution.
  • We’re grateful for our limited partners, who put their trust in our stewardship of their capital and the remarkable startups in which we invest. Finding the right investors is every bit as exciting as putting together the right teams. We love when our LPs are aligned with our philosophy and help us achieve our data-driven goals. We couldn’t do all that we do without them.
  • We’re also grateful for data, and everything it allows us to achieve. There are over 100 different markets we want to be in, and that’s thanks to our data and the opportunities it identifies. Our abilities to acquire users and harness disruptive tech are much stronger than they were a year ago, and we’re working on expanding our own capabilities every day.

We create companies within Cogo Labs because we want to accelerate entrepreneurship, careers, and our people’s lives. The internet and the technologies it has spawned have cultivated the most fertile ground for entrepreneurship in the last century. The combination of our data assets, our investors and our teams puts us at the forefront of B2C tech. In spite of the obstacles that 2020 has presented, we’re very grateful for the opportunity to recalibrate.

Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.

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