Jobcase announces $100 million growth round to empower the world’s workers

  • product developments to further simplify the process of making connections and community building, and
  • integrations and APIs that enable Jobcasers to more easily promote themselves and better engage with employment opportunities.

“Jobcase has been a dream of capital efficiency and high growth. It’s great to see this recognized,” said Dave Blundin, Partner at Link Ventures and Chairman at Jobcase.

Link Ventures provides the tools, insight and guidance to enable its portfolio companies to make people’s lives better; from helping people find quality doctors and better manage their healthcare, to sharing travel opportunities while saving people money or, in this case, facilitating professional empowerment and building social capital through connections and community. This is all a part of the big picture impact we strive to achieve with the fund, created through a tech-smart, capital-efficient model. Learn more at



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Link Ventures

Link Ventures


Investing across the US in tech and D2C internet companies. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with @CogoLabs.